Start Up Partners

We would like to acknowledge everyone who helped make the genesis of this project possible. In addition to all the generous cash donations, a few individuals and firms donated computers, supplies and their time.

Jerry Lawson, Delta Counsel, P.C.
Donated: Financial Support

Carmen Calzacorta, Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt
Donated: Fifteen Micron CPU’s


Paula Barran, Barran Liebman
Donated: Laptop Computers

Leanna Kocka, Free Geek
Donated: Components for the CPU’s

Mike Hall, Alliance Packaging
Donated: Custom Packaging for the computers

Ron Reichen, Precision Body and Paint
Donated: Technical support to add operating systems

Dave and Gloria Mendy, The UPS Store, Beaverton, OR
Donated: Packaging for components

From the Portland Rotary:
Steve Bell
, Steady Improvement
Bill Derville, General Tool
Donated: Space on the Rotary container bound for Guatemala

Anthony Forney, WiFi Northwest
Donated: 2 Sixteen Port Hubs

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