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The goal of the La Pedrera School Project (LSPS) is to sponsors children to attend La Pedrera School, without which the local Mayan families could not afford the meager cost to send their children to school. In addition to sponsoring children, we have been able to make some good progress with improving the infrastructure at the La Pedrera school. The school now has running water and a toilet rather than an out house. A second story with a  computer lab was added on to the one room school.
Despite theses successes, there are still a number of children without sponsors and other needs of the school. We urge you to become part of this program and to share this site with as many friends as possible. With your help, many of these students will be able to graduate high school and some will even be able to achieve their dreams of entering a university.

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  1. Hi Wayne, Thank you for all you have done on this project-amazing. My brother in law Paul Arzt has been filling me in. I am interested in sponsoring a child for the school. What is involved?

    • Christina–
      In the Sponsor a Child section of this website, you can learn more about it and fill out a Sponsorship Application. I will follow-up directly with you via email in the next few days. Thanks so much for your generosity.