Graduation Ceremony

I traveled to Guatemala to take part in the graduation celebration for four Mayan young ladies. The other reason for the visit was to introduce Anthony Forney, my potential replacement, to the project and the community.

The celebration turned out to take about a three hour and three handkerchiefs. Yes, the young ladies graduated and were feted but the majority of the time was an extravaganza thanking me for my assistance to the school and the community. Most of the parents, primarily mothers, and children were in attendance. There were speeches, skits, presentations and prayers. For one of the skits and a dance the mothers were dressed in their colorful handmade huipils (blouses).

Wayne Hess with two graduates.

Wayne Hess with two graduates.

While the focus was on me, the real thank you belongs to the faithful supporters of the program. If you haven’t done so already, you need to become part of this program that has helped twenty eight children graduate from high school. Prior to this program, no child in the community was able to complete the fourth grade. See more picture of the celebration.

The school is now able to connect to the internet via a wireless transmission of almost a mile. We also have an instructor for the computer lab and will be downloading educational programs and work books.

The next goal for the project is to establish a scholarship program to assist the students going to college and to replace the aging computers with laptops. The scholarship and laptop program will require about $6000 which we hope to raise over the next twelve months.

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