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Girl at La Pedrera SchoolYou can help by sponsoring a child.The school at La Pedrera serves the poorest area of a very poor country. Public education in Latin America is not provided for free. A sponsorship enables a child with no other means to be able to attend school. 40 children are sponsored through La Pedrera School Project, but there are 60 on the waiting list.

Sponsorship costs $300 for a child in primary school and $450 for a child in middle school or high school, for the 2016 school year. The fee covers:

  • Registration
  • Supplies—text books, note books, pencils, etc.
  • Uniform for school and for sports
  • Two pairs of shoes—one pair for sports and the one for daily use
  • Basic medical care

Sponsorships are one-year contracts that can be renewed annually. Your sponsor dollars are tax deductible and they go directly to support the children’s education. You will receive a report annually on your sponsor child’s educational progress.

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