Financial Summary

The La Pedrera School Project is an U.S. 501 (c)(3) charity. Donations to La Pedrera School Project are tax deductible. Administration of the project is done by volunteers. Our operating costs are minimal. In 2012, administration costs (incurred for banking fees, wire transfer fees, and website hosting) amounted to only 1.7% of our total budget. 100% of sponsor donations are go to fund the sponsor children’s education.

Students using donated laptops.

Students using the donated computer equipment for the first time.

Summary of Expenditures 2012
95.6% – Sponsorships, supplies, educational reinforcement program, medical care for the children, teacher, and utilities for the school.
2.7% – A laptop for the school’s teacher
1.7% – Foundation Administration (banking fees, wire transfer fees, and website hosting)